Di Wang

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Post-doc Researcher
Algorithms & Randomness Center
Georgia Institute of Technology

2210 KACB
266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332

Phone: 607 379 1538
Email: di[DOT]wang[@]cc[DOT]gatech[DOT]edu

About me

My research interests are in the design of efficient algorithms, especially for large-scale optimization problems and graph problems that arise broadly in applications from machine learning, data analysis and operations research. My work draws on a broad range of numerical and discrete tools from combinatorics, optimization and graph theory, which leads to not only stronger theoretical guarantees, but also practical improvements for computational challenges arising in practice.

In Spring 2018, I joined the Algorithms & Randomness Center at Georgia Tech as a postdoc with Richard Peng.
In Fall 2017, I was a research fellow at the Simons Institute (for the program Bridging Continuous and Discrete Optimization).
I finished my PhD in Computer Science at UC Berkeley in summer 2017, advised by Satish Rao.
Before attending Berkeley, I received B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University, advised by Robert Kleinberg.

My CV, Research Statement, Teaching Statement.